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Why Wilderness?

Trails that will remina open to bikes due to boundary adjustments requested by RFMBA and other bikers

  • Arbaney-Kittle/Sloan Peak Trail (2186.2)
  • Bears Gulch Trail (1966W.3)
  • Braderich Creek/South Thompson Trail (aka Tall Pines) (1952.1)
  • Buzzard Basin Trail (1957.2B)
  • Crystal Canyon Railroad (1954W.1)
  • Crystal River Bike Path (proposed route)
  • Grand Turk Trail (2172.1)
  • Hunter Valley Trail (1992.3)
  • Janeway Stage Stop (310W.1F)
  • Old McClure Pass Road (1966W.2)
  • Parsnip Flat Road (305.2B)
  • Rocky Fork Trail (1931.1)
  • Sloan Peak/ Larkspur Mountain/Kobey Park trails (N127.1,N130.1, N131.1, 1933.1, 2186.2, 2189.1)
  • Sneve Gulch Trail (1872.1)
  • South Fork to Nast Trail (1924W.1)
  • Tall Pines Trail (aka Braderich Creek/South Thompson Trail)(1952.1)
  • Tellurium Lake Trail (1917.1)
  • Upper Mill Creek Trail (1937W.1)
  • Woods Lake-Slim Jim Trail (1928.1)