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Proposal Areas

Eagle Mountain - 320 acres (0.5 square miles)

Eagle Mountain is the eastern point of the divide between Snowmass Creek and Johnny Draw. It is a steep east-facing mountainside, 1,500 feet high. Its north side is covered in spruce/fir forest, while the south slopes are covered in oak and shrubs. The elevation in the area ranges from 8,300 feet along Snowmass Creek to 9,937 feet on top of Eagle Mountain.

What's special about it?

The proposed Eagle Mountain addition to the Maroon Bells/Snowmass Wilderness is actually on BLM land, not the White River National Forest. Although the proposed addition is very small, it is a natural extension to the Elk Range ecosystem. The current wilderness boundary follows an arbitrary Township and Range line that separates USFS and BLM land. The area is already de facto wilderness by virtue of its very steep topography.

The area provides wonderful views of the dramatic peaks nearby, as well as hunting opportunities. The steep slopes provide summer range for deer, elk, mountain lion, and bear.

Potential threats
The rugged character of this area essentially guards from any serious or immediate threats. There are no existing mineral leases in the area.

Division of Wildlife habitat qualities, species of significance
Not inventoried by the Division of Wildlife.

How to get there
The proposed Eagle Mountain Addition to the Maroon Bells/Snowmass Wilderness Area is located about 1.5 miles W of Snowmass Village. However, the best road to access the area is County Road (CR) 11, better known as Snowmass Creek Road, which begins in Old Snowmass.

  • Turn south on Snowmass Creek Road from State Highway 82, about 3.5 miles SE of Basalt.  At 1.8 miles, bear left at a T. Continue another 8.3 miles. Eagle Mountain is on the right.
  • The area has no trails, and any exploration will be a steep, adventurous bushwhack.
  • The USGS 7 1/2' quad for the Eagle Mountain addition is Highland Peak.