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Proposal Areas

Adam Mountain
6,900 acres (10.8 square miles)

The proposed Adam Mountain Wilderness is at the end of an arm of the Sawatch Range that lies between East Brush and West Brush Creeks. It is a wooded divide with steep-sided drainages radiating down each side, and it is a significant feature in the beautiful Brush Creek Valley. The northern slopes are heavily-forested with old-growth lodgepole pine. The higher elevations have spruce/fir forests. The south facing slopes tend to be very steep.The elevation ranges from 7,800 feet at lower East Brush Creek, to 11,158 on Mount Eve.

What’s special about it

Ecology: The proposed Adam Mountain Wilderness provides wildlife with a movement corridor from the Sawatch Range and Red Table Mountain down into the Brush Creek Valley and to Bellyache Ridge. The area supports a herd of elk year-round, and many deer and bear are present in the summer. Its proximity to the proposed Woods Lake and Red Table Wilderness Areas contributes to landscape connectivity in the Fryingpan River/Eagle River region.
Recreation: The area receives limited human activity and recreational use, and provides an excellent opportunity to experience solitude, naturalness, and challenge in a primitive landscape.

Potential threats
Adam Mountain was the site of the once-proposed Adam’s Rib Ski Area, the construction of which was approved by the USFS in 1982, but later denied and withdrawn.

Division of Wildlife habitat qualities, species of significance
Lodgepole pine is the dominant vegetative feature within the area with some spruce fir at the higher elevations. Elk winter in the area; mule deer and black bear use the area in the spring, summer and fall. The recently reintroduced Merriam’s turkeys are also utilizing the area during the non-snow months. The area has been classified as potential for lynx foraging and denning. On the southeastern border of the unit a viable Colorado Cutthroat population exists in an approximate two mile section of Hat Creek. Protection of this creek section from erosion and disturbance is essential for the continued survival of the fish population.

Outreach results
In response to conversations with local cycling organizations, the boundaries for this proposal area have been modified to accommodate continued popular bicycling opportunities.

Other info

There are active cattle allotments in the unit. Cattle grazing is compatible with designated wilderness. Conservation groups have identified an additional 2,205 acres

How to get there
The proposed Adam Mountain Wilderness Area is located about 10 miles SSE of the Town of Eagle.

  • From Eagle, go south on Brush Creek Road (becomes FS 400). Public access to the unit is located at Sylvan State Park (accessible in winter).
  • Take a left on East Brush Creek Road (FS 415) to reach Yeoman Park (accessible in winter) on the east side of the area.
  • Hat Creek Road (FS 416) connects Yeoman Park to Crooked Creek Pass and bounds the SE portion of the unit.
  • The USGS 7 1/2' quads for proposed Adam Mountain Wilderness Area are Fulford, Crooked Creek, Seven Hermits, and Red Creek.