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Visit Congressman Tipton

Visit Rep. Tipton's office and show your support for the Central Mountains Proposal!

As you probably know, Rep. Scott Tipton represents Pitkin County and is the key person to bring a bill designating the lands in Sen. Udall's Central Mountains Proposal as wilderness. 
Many of you have already written letters of support, and we need to keep those coming in, but a personal visit to the Congressman's office makes a huge impact.

Rep. Tipoton's staff can schedule an appointment for you to talk about Central Mountains.  Lots of motorized recreationalist are talking with Congresman Tipton and we need to do the same.  A visit will take
just a few minutes, and you can bring a friend - it's a great way to be a part of the campaign to designate new wilderness in your backyard.  Call (970)241-2499 to schedule an appointment

Grand Junction Office:

225 North 5th St., Suite 702
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: 970.241.2499
Click here for a map

Alamosa Office: 
609 Main St., #105 Box 11
Alamosa, CO 81101
Phone: 719.587.5105
Click here for a map

Black bear in the Assignation Ridge Proposed Wilderness Area

Black bear in the Assignation Ridge Proposed Wilderness Area

If we want Rep. Tipton to support Wilderness legislation then we need to show overwhelming support for the proposal, because he's definitely hearing from the small minority who oppose it! Lots of supporters showing up to say how important our wildlands are is vitally important to counter the few who disagree.

If you have any questions please call Will Roush at 970-963-3977.

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