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Proposal Areas

Between Senator Udall's proposal and Jared Polis' Bill 12 new wilderness areas and 21 additions to existing wilderness areas would be forever protected in Colorado. It is a proactive, citizen-based effort to protect the treasured landscapes in which we live, work and play.  

These wilderness areas were carefully chosen following a detailed evaluation of their ecological values.  Local residents volunteered to inventory public lands near their homes and helped select wilderness quality areas for protection. The proposed wilderness areas contain vital wildlife habitat, free flowing streams and pristine lakes and old growth forests.

The Proposal Area are comprised of places that have outstanding scenery and provide an opportunity for families to experience the natural world as our grandparents did.  They are located in mid-elevation habitats that are under-represented in existing wilderness.  In many cases, the landscapes included in the proposal areas are also recommended by the Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management for wilderness or are being managed to preserve their roadless character. 

The two congressional efforts stretch across three counties (Pitkin, Eagle and Summit).  Select a county or geographical region to see the proposals in that area or click here for an alphabetical list of all the proposed wilderness areas.


Roaring Fork Valley
Vail/Eagle River Valley
Summit County