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Information about lands in Senator Udall's Wilderness Proposal

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Sen. Udall has convened a community process to look at designating additional wilderness in Colorado's Central Mountains. The key factor in whether he decides to move ahead with a wilderness bill is the public comments he recieves on his website. That means whether these special lands get on the ground protection is up to you. Please take a moment to leave a comment on Senator Udall's website.

Click on the links below to see more information about each area that you can use to submit comments on Senator Udall's website

Ideas for comments

 -  Thank Senator Udall for his leadership and tell him why wilderness is important to you, your family your business or your organization.

 -  Let Senator Udall know you support all the lands in his proposal and because these lands have already been thoroughly vetted by the community, he should keep all the lands in the proposal.

 -  In addition, urge Senator Udall to add the crucial low elevation lands of: Lower Piney, Elliot Ridge, Crazy Horse, Basalt Mountain and Homestake to his proposal - information about these areas at the bottom of the page

 -  Describe a personal experience you had in one of the proposal areas.  

Eagle County Areas

Pitkin County Areas

Summit County Areas

Areas not included in Senator Udall's Proposal (and which deserve to be added!)